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Living on Purpose

“You see our existence here on this earth, yours and mine, is not an accident. Our Creator had very specific things in mind when He placed us here. And at one time or another, most of us ask ourselves, “Ok, why am I here? What is my existence all about?” Those are some of the very reasons that Barry wrote this book – so that you don’t have to wonder and wander, so you don’t have to guess, but so that you can clearly know God’s purposes for your life.”

“For too many individuals, knowing God’s will seems a far-off, mysterious, difficult to understand process.  In the pages of Living on Purpose, author Barry Ham brings clarity to the believer who seeks to better grasp God’s purpose for their life.”

“Living on Purpose is an excellent, thought-provoking, God-loving and think-activating book to help in your quest to find and follow God’s direction for your life.”

“Life can be hectic and demanding, but there are really just two overarching callings that should govern all we do: love God and love others.  Barry Ham has shown us how an unwavering commitment to those two tasks can help everything in our lives fall beautifully into place.”

“Why are we here?” is a mountain of a question. For many of us, its terrain is so massive and steep that we turn away from any semblance of an attempt to explore the answers, much less live them out. In Living on Purpose, Dr. Barry Ham not only winsomely invites us on the journey but, with wisdom gleaned from many years as a teacher and counselor – as well as a fellow human being – he also provides us with Biblical guidance and practical footholds for the climb. I’ve known Barry for many years and he authentically models what he says in these pages. I’m grateful for such a roadmap that beckons us with the Life-giving invitation to fully embrace the reality that we’ve been created by God with loving intentionality.”

“I have read several books on mission, purpose, calling, etc. I believe Dr. Barry Ham’s Living on Purpose is the most practical book on this subject I have read. It not only speaks to the reality of purpose in the life of believers but provides practical steps to consider in living the reality that God designed us for a purpose.”

“Today, many of us are living life through our own efforts and abilities. We work hard, have families and friends, and have many distractions intended to entertain us. This routine of life often leaves us frustrated, wanting more, and seeking authentic purpose in life. We end up asking ourselves, ‘Do I have a purpose here on earth?’ This question is complex and may be considered too big to answer or even understand. Dr. Barry Ham presents a compelling discussion that details how God designed us to live life with purpose. Living on Purpose presents practical actions designed to purposefully live in relationship to God, others, and ourselves. Living with such intent leads to a legacy that reflects a life lived on purpose.”

Living On Purpose takes you on a journey to building the life you were created to live.  This book gently sets you back on track in your relationships, work, finances, health, decision making and goals for life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am going through sections of it a second time.”

“As a ‘visual learner’ Barry Ham has written sort of a “user’s manual” on living life with Purpose! In a compelling way, he shares personal story and practical examples that reveal how we can grab life and live it to the full!   Living on Purpose will be resource for anyone needing to get back on the path of their designed purpose in life, and for those who want to explore tried and tested ways to find their purpose in life.”

“Seriously, another book on living a purposeful life? Honestly, I’ve read many. But this one made me uncomfortable as it caused me to think and rethink about who and what matters most in this life. I needed the recalibration. You might as well. In his typical warm, engaging and humorous style, Barry helps us to live life as it’s intended to be lived.”

“Dr. Barry Ham has done a most practical, comprehensive and inspiring pursuit of Living On Purpose. Barry is like the wise sage who has really been there; done it.  He calls the reader out of the masses and upward toward the tightrope of greater possibilities for an abundant life that promises to outlive us; a spiritual and relational legacy.  Throughout each chapter, Barry stands on solid footing using Biblical truths, tried and true life experiences and an easy conversational style that offers an uplifting voice high above the crowd.  As he was with me, let Barry be your guide and there’s more than a chance that together you will get to the other side!”


“In this book Barry identifies many of the pitfalls that have contributed to marriages becoming stale and lifeless.  But more importantly, he offers clear guidelines and strategies to enable couples to reverse this trend, get unstuck, and experience the marriage that both they and God had in mind.”

“Barry has dialed into the life journey of so many couples, including Christian couples, who really are “stuck” and only enduring year after year.  The raw honesty and clarity he has captured are both courageous and inviting.  But Barry’s response to these and other couples has helped them discover that their story isn’t over— they get to discover a new story of healing and restoration awaits them in the grace and truth that Jesus personally invites them into.”

“If you’re stuck in a painful and deeply disappointing relationship there is hope and healing and even possible reconciliation. Written by well-seasoned counselor and the author of God Understands Divorce Barry understands broken relationships and offers practical compassionate counsel. If you or a friend is Stuck and sees no way out this is a must read. Share it with a friend.”

“Unstuck is real. With stories and examples that most couples will relate to, this book encourages couples on how to put God at the center and choose to love one another again. For many unhappy couples, the gloom of marriage came out of nowhere, and Barry helps them find the love they always wanted.”

“Barry Ham’s Unstuck is a glorious mess. Barry writes not as a mere theorist but as a seasoned practitioner on the subject. As a marriage and family therapist, he has seen it all.  Unstuck addresses God’s design for marriage and healthy relationships with fresh eyes and an eternal perspective. This book hits the target!”

GOD Understands Divorce

“As Christian couples experience divorce at an alarming rate, individuals cry out, wondering if there are any real answers or solutions. Does anybody really care? In these pages, Barry reveals that God has been where you are, He knows your pain, He desires wholeness for you, and He offers clear guidance to enable you to get there. He really cares!” Gary Chapman, Ph.D. Author of The Five Love Languages

“Dr. Barry Ham writes with a marvelous mixture of compassion and conviction. His life’s calling is to help others not just find answers to challenges, but to also discover the root cause of their problems.”

This book demonstrates that God truly understands divorce – our pain and brokenness, our challenges and struggles, and the oftentimes resulting carnage. As Barry points out, it is because God really “gets it” that He gives us clear insight and direction to help us avoid the “train wrecks” and actually restore marriages that, at first glance, appear to be dead. For those walking this dark and lonely journey, Barry offers, in these pages, real practical solutions and a genuine hope.

In a world where divorce has become the new “normal”, Barry shares strong insight on the balance of Old Testament and New Testament teaching on divorce. And his thoughts on how churches should serve the divorced and those who are contemplating divorce are worthy of consideration by churches of all sizes around the country. Implementing his ideas in your community will result in stronger marriages and healthier people who have struggled through this great loss in life.

I am not exaggerating to suggest your book could be a classic. This should be mandatory reading for anyone considering a divorce. I often get hooked into reading a fiction book, but I’ve seldom been compelled to keep reading a non-fiction work, especially when it’s related to my day job! So, GREAT work!!!

By Trena Oyler

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: God Understands Divorce by Dr. Barry Ham Destiny Image Publishers is pleased to announce God Understands Divorce by Dr. Barry Ham was rated 5 out of 5 stars, and has been named 2012 Book of the Year by KNLE – The Inside View Show.

Dr. Barry Ham and Destiny Image Publishers were notified by Salvador SeBasco, Literary Director and Host of The Inside View Show. A member of National Book Critics Circle with more than nine years experience in published written reviews of books, and radio broadcasting, Salvador SeBasco’s premier literary review broadcast & ministry airs on the CNN affiliate station, KNLE—Christian Radio.

Says Mr. SeBasco, “The message in GOD UNDERSTANDS DIVORCE is moving. It pours with compassion and leads readers to realize how the distraction of divorce beckons a re-look at how God forgives and how God loves (mercy, tenderness, desire for reconciliation, honoring obedience). The human experience is frail and full of uncertainties. Dr. Barry Ham takes head-on the toughest of subjects under the Divorce Umbrella and shows Christians how, although they may feel as if God left their side under the tremors of divorce, He has been there all along (with loving arms opened). On our growing pains, limited introspective into the human psyche, and how those overlay into how spiritually daunting divorce is and how not to leave out God’s love, resolution has never been more poignantly expressed. In a world full of quick fixes and shortcuts, when with what lasts forever (God’s love) why do we leave God out of the picture when mending such a sensitive fabric; one upon which families grow, fellowship flourishes, and values of devotion are cherished?

What resonated between the lines of GOD UNDERSTANDS DIVORCE is the how does love turn on and off so fast. Dr. Ham challenges readers to re-look at their frame of reference of what love is and side with Biblical Truths on how agape love is different than other notions of love. GOD UNDERSTANDS DIVORCE is packed with sentiment for God and how he loves us. (What better example for love is there than how God loves us?) When we value love, we learn love, we are obedient to God and, as God did with Israel, we put our heart into the well-being of others.

GOD UNDERSTANDS DIVORCE is a refreshing book unlike any other. Author Dr. Barry Ham’s mastery lends readers to lean on God for understanding and face the real issues embedded in divorce. Christians who know someone struggling through divorce, or who could use a scriptural web of affirmation, would be blessed to be handed GOD UNDERSTANDS DIVORCE. And while, by title, one might ask how Dr. Barry Ham could begin to fathom what God understands (?), it is by the Grace of God.

I am certain that had GOD UNDERSTANDS DIVORCE been around earlier in history, there would not have been as many marriages seen as unsalvageable. And, as for those now where love appears dead, never say never―for if we were in a world absent of God’s will on the day those rose Jesus crucified on the cross, the bouquet of salvation’s possibility wouldn’t have been how God showed His undying love for us.

All that matters is God.”

Salvador SeBasco Book Critic Literary Director Host of THE INSIDE VIEW SHOWTM –Christian Radio– on staff with CNN affiliate station, KNLE

August 22, 2012