Have you ever thought of your life as a book?  Sometimes people frame their lives as a narrative or a story.  Perhaps they see themselves as the hero of the tale or maybe as the victim.  But let’s imagine that when our lives are said and done, they represent a complete book.

Think about it – you may refer to your high school years as challenging times that improved once you got to college.  People talk about their 20’s or the years they lived in Chicago, or perhaps those early parenting years.  In other words, various chapters, or as I refer to in my book Living on Purpose, different seasons.  The elements of your story could be the challenges you have overcome, opportunities you have taken advantage of, or love you have lost out on.

So, regardless of what season or chapter you are in, have you considered what the next chapter will look like?  I have known individuals who have been sitting on the beach and received a phone call that changed the direction of their career.  While others were so absorbed in their video games that they missed a critical contact.

Here is the thing – the next chapter in your life WILL HAPPEN.  It is not optional.  But the cool thing is that you have the opportunity to influence and maybe even direct the themes of what is to come.  Do you know what you want the content of the next chapter to contain, what those themes and their meaning are to be?  I talked a couple of weeks ago about values.  Your values have a direct impact on shaping your story.  I urge you today to begin to consider the direction you want to take in your next chapter

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