Values are important.  We talk about them in school, at home, in political circles, and even on a global human scale.  But how important are values?  Or maybe a better question is, when are values important?  Perhaps even still, the best question is, what determines whether or not a value is significant and worthy of our attention?

At one time, in this country as well as in other parts of the world, it was OK to own somebody – at least in some cultures.  Today, we would clearly espouse a value that all people should be free and owned by no one.  We have watched in America as people have actively worked to save animal life from abuse and death (which is certainly needed), while at the same time, aborting hundreds of thousands unborn human lives, for a myriad of reasons, each year.  Yet, most people would probably say that they value life.

A mere 60 years ago, we didn’t allow profanity or sexually explicit situations on TV.  That was a value society supported.  But you watch TV today, and that value has gone by the wayside.  Values of modesty, decency, manners, and respect for elders, seem to have been important values at one time but can be scarcely found today.  Why?

I would contend that if our values are attached to the whims of society – they are not anchored at all.  They are prone to be blown around, ever changing, based upon our feelings about things at the moment.  It is like throwing your boat’s anchor into shallow sand.  If you do that, expect to find that your boat has drifted out to sea in pretty short order.  However, if our values are truly anchored to absolutes, we will have different results.  The only bedrock of values that are lasting are those that are based upon the unchanging instructions from our Creator – the Bible.

If we are going to live life on purpose and with purpose, we need to be certain that the values that drive our daily lives are anchored to the immovable Author of Life rather than the newest trendy feel-good philosophy.  Doing so will make all the difference in our journey.

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