In a discussion recently, the topic was raised – “Do you have enough?”  Now you might ask, “Enough what?”  Which is a fair question.  “Enough stuff?”  Probably too much.  “Enough vacations?”  While I want more, I have already been able to enjoy more than most of the world.  “Enough clothes?”  I probably have enough to clothe a small village.  “Enough ice cream?”  Hey!  Now we are getting personal.

Sure there are things we want more of that are healthy desires – to love more, to give more of my money to help the poor, to be kinder to those people who drive me crazy, and so on.  These things are more about growing and improving.  It is the monetary collection of things that so often gets us into trouble.

There is an interesting correlation between satisfaction and, well, satisfaction.  Those who are always wanting more – to make more money, to look more attractive (and the list goes on) find themselves in an endless comparison with others.  Whether it is an actual person or some standard established by society or the media, it involves judgment and the avoidance of pain and insecurity.  As one writer stated, “It’s a thirst that can’t be quenched.”  These individuals are miserable and they will never get enough.

But people who aren’t chasing more, but are able to camp on “enough,” are free to focus more on being and doing.  They are able to relax and not worry about labels of “better” or “best” but to live the journey as it unfolds.


Which position do you find yourself in today?  It is an important question to consider, as today’s journey matters.

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