Now that may seem like a strange question with an obvious answer of “Yes!”  But I’m not sure that it really is.  Or perhaps we need to define what “live” means.  If it means, do we want our heart to keep beating and our lungs to continue to inhale and exhale, then the answer may be “yes.”  But if it means something more than that, then the answer might not be as clear.

You see, most of us do not definitively choose to live or to die; we instead go on surviving.  As one writer said, “We do not choose nonexistence; nor do we choose complete awareness.  We slog on, in a kind of foggy cognitive middle-land we call sane, a place where we almost never acknowledge the haze.”

I was inspired as I recently read about an 80 year old woman named Florence who experienced many hardships and even some health struggles.  Yet she made it clear that she was choosing to live – not to just hang on until death.  She determined to live passionately, consciously, and full of faith, despite the difficulties of her time here.

So, with that backdrop, I ask you, “Do you want to live?”  If so, consider what that could look like and what changes you might consider making to begin the adventure into 2019.

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