Poet William Yeats wrote, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

How sharp do you think your senses are? If you are like most of us, especially if you live in a big city, they may have grown dull over time. I remember when I moved from Dallas to central California almost 40 years ago, I was immediately amazed at the majestic mountains that replaced the steel, concrete, and smog of Dallas. I suddenly understood why people of long ago thought that God must live in the mountains. My senses became even more heightened when I moved from there to the mountains of Colorado nearly 25 years ago. The hazy Sierra Nevada Mountains were replaced by the clear blue sky over Pike’s Peak.

As amazing as that view is, how many days do I drive to the office, with Pike’s Peak right in front of me and I am oblivious to its presence? Yet, researchers have discovered that these experiences of awe can improve our health, prepare us for problem solving, and even help us to be kinder. Being surrounded by the extravagant beauty of nature instead of busy streets with office buildings also, reminds us that this existence is not “all about me.”

Maybe this week we can be intentional about noticing the sunrise, the starry night sky, the bloom of a flower, or even the beauty in your child’s face. In doing so, we may slow down, catch our breath, sharpen our senses, and, perhaps, prepare ourselves to become even more aware of the world’s wonders that God has made for our enjoyment!

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