Over recent months I have occasionally written about some of the dangers of too much technology use and its impact on everything from our brain to our relationships. Today I want to borrow and adapt some insightful suggestions from brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen regarding steps we can take to increase our healthiness in these areas.

  • Take a timeout from technology. Establish a time when you will take a break from browsing the internet, texting and social media. Perhaps in doing so you can replace it with quality time with family and friends.
  • Schedule weekly internet fasts. While this may be quite a challenge if you are as addicted as you may fear, Dr. Amen says that if we can break free from our devices for one day a week, we can discover new (or old) hobbies, engage in physical activity and even spend time outdoors.
  • Ban devices from the bedroom. In doing so we may very well improve our sleep patterns and the removal of distractions may increase our intimacy.
  • Never talk and text. When we are with people, we would do best to keep our phones out of sight.
  • Protect your brain’s pleasure centers. Rather than feeding that all important pleasure center with technology, why not engage in meaningful activities such as volunteering, going on a hike or for a walk with a friend, or holding hands with your spouse.

While these suggestions are not necessarily radically new information, they are certainly practical reminders from which we can all benefit. Try these and see which ones are most helpful.

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