That seems like a reasonable enough question. I mean everyone needs goals for what they would like to accomplish – right? While that certainly may be true, the question turns into what kinds of things do we want to accomplish and are there differences that matter?

Things that people want to accomplish run the gamut. For some it may be earning lots of money, getting a promotion, or being named employee of the month. For others it could entail things such as hitting the next level of a particular video game, breaking a personal best in a marathon, or getting in your 10,000 steps each day. I have a friend who has sometimes found himself at the end of the day with 9,500 steps, so he has gone outside and walked around the house until he gets his 10,000 steps. Still other individuals desire to spend their energies feeding the homeless every weekend or volunteering at a local elementary school helping kids Improve their reading scores. The point here is that not all goals are equal and some accomplishments are more significant than others. I hope that we can see that building a school for elementary children in a third world country, is likely to make a bigger impact than setting the record at a hotdog eating contest.

So, today I would urge you to consider what your accomplishment goals are for 2021. Whether they seem high and lofty or somewhat trivial, the bigger question is – what kind of impact will they have on others? If I accomplish my goals, will they be meaningful to me? Will they make a difference in people’s lives? Or will they simply inflate my already oversized ego? Now while there is certainly nothing wrong with having goals like winning a game, it is the more important accomplishments that are likely to lead to happiness and satisfaction.