Today is a sad day. Yesterday, (as I write this it is July 31st) I had to put one of my beloved dogs to sleep. He was 12 years old and had been battling serious health issues for about 4 months. He was a fighter but yesterday it was clear that he was tired of fighting and was ready to go. So, it is sad. Some say, “That’s why I don’t have pets. It is too hard when they die.” However, I would say that the degree of my sadness is a testament to the fact that we had a great relationship for twelve years. I wouldn’t trade it.

But the question I posed above is, “What can I learn from Bailey?” There are many things but I will just mention two. First, he did what God created him to do. We live on 5 acres and so the dogs (we still have another one) enjoy running the property and run the property Bailey did. He wasn’t necessarily running to anywhere, he just thrilled at the run. And it brought me joy to watch him do that for which he was built.

Second, he was a faithful, sweet spirited, loving companion. He was especially gentle with little dogs and little children. If he had been human, I am certain he would have given someone the shirt off his back. He had no ego to protect, no ax to grind, no points to prove. God purposed him to unconditionally love, and he did it well.

What do I learn from Bailey? If nothing else, to live my purpose for which God designed me (which brings Him joy when I do) and learning to love without limit. Maybe those are two reminders we can all use. Thanks for indulging me today.


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