I have some questions for you today.  How much money do you make? How much of that money is discretionary?  What do you spend it on?  Do you feel you are getting a good return for what you spend?  If someone looked at your checkbook/bank statement and how you spend that discretionary money, what would they conclude that you value most?

Orion Span, a U.S. company, plans to open a luxury space hotel in 2022.  They are currently accepting reservations for 12-day stays for a mere $9.5 million.  Now I live in Colorado Springs where we have the 5-star Broadmoor Hotel, which I thought was expensive, but its price tag doesn’t even compare.  Of course, not to be beaten to the punch, Russia’s space agency announced that it plans to attach a hotel module to the International Space Station in 2021.

While it is certainly easy to scoff and say, “Someone who would spend $9.5 million on a hotel stay has more money than sense.”  Yet, I can’t help but wonder if those living in third world poverty conditions, might say the same thing about me if I buy tickets to a Paul McCartney concert or an NFL game.  Please don’t misunderstand me – I am not casting judgement on how you spend your money, because I spend my money in ways that might be considered frivolous as well.  I am simply wanting us to reflect today and ask ourselves the question – is my life more about pampering myself or about making a difference in the lives of others?  Not an easy question to answer but certainly one worth pondering.

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