I recently read an article in which journalist Victoria Loustalot was asked why, even in the information age, many people continue to seek out psychics?  Her response is interesting.

Humans have always grappled with a connection to something larger than ourselves. In generations past, those questions were often answered by organized religion. For many, that’s no longer true, but even as we step away from those practices, we continue to feel that void. We want answers, and we also want hope. Whether people are conscious of it or not, when we seek out a psychic experience, what we’re doing is hoping: hoping that we’ll feel better or that a beautiful thing will happen to us in the future. Hope is a crucial component of the human condition – it’s what allows us to go on.

I’m always a little befuddled when I see people consult tarot cards, which are not backed by any science, about their future but they resist consulting God and His Word, which is backed by archeological, historical, mathematical probability evidence, and much more.

The Creator of the universe offers us answers, hope, and an eternal future – if we will just seek Him. It is not a hope or a future based upon something that simply sounds good or that I like the idea of believing. It is based on knowledge that “something (or someone) larger than ourselves” exists. Without a knowledge of God, “we continue to feel that void.”

If you want to truly have hope and a secure future, rather than chase after “feel good” ideas, I encourage you to pursue the Author of Life!