Today’s question is – Would you ever think about retiring? Some may be thinking – “Yea, all the time!” Thoughts of retirement are pretty normal for lots of different reasons: because you hate your job; perhaps you are tired; or maybe you are simply bored and want to do something else. And yet, many individuals who dream of retirement, get there and are disappointed and even a bit lost.

In an interview a few months ago, actor Christopher Plummer (probably best known for The Sound of Music), was asked this very question – “Would you ever think about retiring?” Now with his lengthy acting career, as well as being a bit advanced in years (he is 89), one would expect that he might be more than ready to hang it up. But look at his response.

“No, of course not. . . quite simply, and I don’t want to. Actually, I’ve done more interesting stuff in the last five or six years than I’ve done all of my life in the theater. I don’t feel old, I’m in good shape because I go to the gym and I do all the right things, play tennis and walk. No, never retire. Don’t want to. There’s too many wonderful things to do.”

Please don’t misunderstand my intent here. If you have been a school principal or an accountant or in some other fulfilling career for 30 years, you may be more than ready to do something different. But sit in front of the TV all day or simply focus on yourself? You have more to offer than that.

I’m encouraged by Plummer’s words – if I go to the gym and do all the right things to keep functioning, why would I want to retire? “There’s too many wonderful things to do.”