You have put the finishing touches on the invitation list. You look at your checklist to make sure that you haven’t missed anything: you have booked the church, scheduled the photographer, ordered the cake and invitations, selected colors, picked out the dresses and tuxes, hired the DJ and booked the hall for the reception, spoken with the florist, and the list goes on.

Every year, couples spend thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to put together the wedding ceremony of a lifetime. And yet study after study reveals that not one of those items has been found to contribute to the longevity of a marriage. Everyone gets married hoping that this person standing across from him or her will love them for a lifetime. Yet, our divorce rate in this country remains around 50%.

What if you could add something to that list of items above that would dramatically increase the chances of a lifelong marriage? Well – you can – effective pre-marital counseling. For less than the cost of a wedding photographer IFIT now offers you a customized pre-marital format.

Pre-marital counseling will typically include 5 counseling sessions with the couple ranging in length from 1 to 1 ½ hours, utilizing a variety of profiles and assessments, and a post-wedding counseling session with the couple approximately 9 months following the wedding. However, this can be customized based upon your individual situation and needs.