Now as you read that title, you may think, “Well I guess family would be closer and more valued than just a friend, so I would want to be family.”  But are you sure?

A past senator from Oregon, who was the father of four children, once said that his wife stunned him by the comment, “I just wish you were as patient with your children as you are with your constituents.”  Ouch!  But haven’t we all felt that way at one time or another?

As people we are an interesting bunch.  Have you ever been in a seeming “knock down drag out” argument with a family member?  Voices are raised, tempers are flaring – and then the phone rings.  In an instant we transform from crazy yelling lunatic, to a kind, calm, and caring individual.  How do we manage that?  And, perhaps more importantly, what kind of hypocritical example are we setting for our kids?

The most important people in our lives should be our spouse and are kids.  They deserve our patience, kindness, understanding, and – well, our best stuff.  I encourage you to make it a point today to pull out your best skills that you use with friends and constituents, and humbly and gratefully offer them to your family.

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