Now that may seem like a strange question.  I mean when children are born they are beautiful and they amazing and wonderfully made.  We have three grandkids ranging from 3 years old to a few months.  They are cute, curious, and delightful.  Of course as grandparents we get to give them back and go home.  But even so, I remember when our own children were young.  I loved hanging out with them . . . most of the time.

But there were those times of uncontrollable crying, stubborn disobedience, or when Jeremy was given a time out in his room but took the screen off of his window and went down the street to play.  Those incidents can be extremely aggravating, until finally – well, you divorce your children.  Right?  Of course not.

We brought our kids into this world to love with all of our being.  They are a part of us.  Certainly we can get angry and disappointed with them.  Through some seasons we may not even like them very much and don’t necessarily even enjoy being around them.  But we could never imagine “divorcing” them.  They are our kids and we made a commitment when they entered this world to love them for life.

Similarly, we made a commitment to that person standing at the marriage altar with us, to love them for life.  Yes, they can be annoying and hurtful and there may be times when we don’t like them very much and may not wish to be around them.  But they are our other half.  They are our mate.  Shouldn’t our commitment to them be as strong as our commitment to our children?  While I know there are circumstances that sometimes necessitate divorce, for most of us it is truly more about re-discovering the love that is committed to both the “better” and the “worse>’  Like with kids, our marriages require both.

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