Now my wife would say “No.” She does not like to be the center of attention. However, she likes to have my attention just as I like to have hers. A 2017 study on relationship experiences was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The research found that on days that a person’s “partner had supported them or said something that made them feel loved, people reported higher relationship quality.”

Now while that is not at all surprising, the statement is significant. You see, most of us want to be #1 in our spouse’s life. We don’t ask them to walk around waving one of those big foam hands that proclaim, “You’re #1,” but we want that position in their eyes. And it really doesn’t take much to communicate that. We can do it with little text messages during the day, perhaps bringing them coffee in the mornings, or special bagels home from Panera.

Just today, as I was at my office about to eat my lunch, I noticed a small note that my wife had snuck into my lunch that simply said, “Love you.” It took her all of 10 seconds to write that, but that little note communicated to me that I have my wife’s attention – and it feels great!

We don’t have to buy our mate a new car to express love. It is best done in the small, but consistent, little things. What can you do today that would let your husband or wife know – “You have my attention?”

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