These past few months may go down in history as the months that weren’t, or at least it has felt that way. People have been quarantined, ordered to stay at home and shelter in place, wear masks, socially distance, as well as other restrictions.

Being forced to stay at home has had some predictable consequences. For couples (and families) who have healthy relationships, the time together has probably been enjoyed and appreciated. But for those couples whose relationships were strained to begin with, being cooped up in the house together has only served to intensify the fractures and differences that exist.

Statistics have shown that domestic violence is up, both between couples as well as between adults and their children. I have seen the amplified stress in couples who are showing up in my office. It has been interesting to note that sales for my video course “Unstuck: Rejuvenating Marriages That Have Grown Complacent” have been higher for the past two months than they have been for the entire past year. People are unhappy in their pressure cooker situations.

What about you? Have you been enjoying the additional time with your spouse or do you dread getting up in the morning to face another day with them? If you are in the latter group, I want to challenge you to take this as a wakeup call, an opportunity to revisit the differences that having left you feeling stuck. Know that you don’t have to remain there. It is the perfect opportunity to re-engage with you partner and rejuvenate, creating the marriage you dreamed of from the beginning. What’s holding you back?

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