Have you ever run a three-legged race?  I remember doing so (or rather, trying to do so) when I was a kid.  It may have been at a school carnival or a church youth group function.  It sounded pretty simple.  So, you would pair up with your best friend or perhaps you saw it as an opportunity to get closer to that boy or girl that you liked.  You may have been thinking, “We are great friends and we will win this race hands down.”  But what happened next?

You tied your right leg with their left leg and then someone shouted, “Go.”  Thinking you would take a quick lead, you were stunned to find yourselves either running in last place or sprawled out on the ground.  What happened?  In all likelihood you discovered that two people being tied together didn’t necessarily mean that you were working together or even running in the same direction.

It is not uncommon for marriages to take on the appearance of an awkward three-legged race.  We find ourselves at odds with our spouse, refusing to get on the same page – whether that be with regard to parenting, finances, where to go on vacation, or simply what to have for dinner.  And yet, those who actively and intentionally work to get their arms and legs moving in a synchronized fashion (supporting one another) truly can win the race and make it look easy while they do so.

So, my tip is – look for opportunities (and there are many) to swallow your pride and work together with your partner striving to win the marital race.  Work to find one constructive way to support them today.

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