If you are a guy reading this title, it may have struck instant fear in your heart as you think, “I don’t dance with my mate.  I am not good at dancing and I don’t want to do it.”  While most females read this and only wish they could get their husbands to dance.  But I want to submit today that all couples dance – effectively or ineptly, but we all dance.

While I am not necessarily referring to getting out on the ballroom dance floor with your partner, I am talking about how we relate.  We are a comical bunch in many ways.  As author John Trent states, “Differences absolutely attract, but they can also become the basis for attacks.”  For example, in the early stages of dating a woman may look at her guy and admire his strength and independence, while he appreciates how caring she is with other people.  These may be qualities that don’t come as naturally to them individually, so that are attracted to them in the other person.

However, a few years into the marriage and those once treasured qualities are now viewed as, “He is so inflexible and detached,” and “She is too easy on the kids and spends too much time with her friends.”  In reality, our spouse hasn’t changed but our view of them has as we endeavor to spend the next 50 years trying to make them just like us.  In reality, if we are just alike, then one of us is unnecessary.  Being just alike is more like a line dance than true couple’s dancing.  If you have ever been in awe of a great couple’s dance, notice that it is what they do differently that gives it grace and finesse.

Ask yourself today, how can my differences with my spouse enhance our dance – our life together?

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