Greetings!  I am Dr. Barry Ham.  If you are receiving this initial “Relationships Tips Tuesdays”, it is probably for one of several reasons . . . . . . it may be that you purchased my book God Understands Divorce: A Biblical Message of Grace, sometime during the past year; or you may have signed up on an e-mail list at a book signing.  Then again, it could be because you read my book and contacted me about specific issues or you may have simply requested to receive these tips.  Others of you may have connected with the “God Understands Relationships” Facebook page in some way.  But whatever the connection – I am privileged to send this to you.  However, please know that if you do not wish to receive these “Tips” in the future, simply e-mail me at:, and you will be removed from the list.

Now you that you know why you received this, let me explain what you are receiving.  “Relationships Tip Tuesday” is a free resource designed to simply offer a weekly tip that I hope will be useful in your significant relationships.  Whether you are married, single, or divorced – I intend for there to be something of benefit for you.  Of course you may be asking – “what does he have to offer, especially since he has been divorced (more than once)?”  I think that is an excellent question and I hope that you will find relevant tips in spite of and because of this issue.  If you have read my book, then you know some of my story and know that I don’t claim to have all the relationship answers.  Yet, as a divorced and flawed individual, I have learned through experience some things that I believe can be helpful. Also, as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I bring lots of experience and lessons learned from my clients as well.

So, with this introduction – I hope you will embark on this weekly journey with me as we strive to grow and improve those relationships that matter.