When is the last time that you woke up completely and totally refreshed?  If you are like most of us, you may not remember when.  All you may know is that it hasn’t been during the last decade.  We easily find ourselves exhausted from: work, fixing meals, running the kids around (or chasing around after running kids), getting all of the chores done, walking the dogs, and the list goes on.  Add to that, the fact that before the day is over, we need to find time for our spouse – to catch up on the day, to enjoy intimacy, or to arrange a date night.

Is it any wonder that when we get to the end of the day, we are often running on fumes and have little left to give?  We find ourselves frequently too worn out to even talk.  One writer stated that tiredness from over commitment is the number one killer of marriages.  In our depleted state, we may find ourselves irritable, selfish, and wallowing in self-pity.

It is easy for someone to state, “Well, just don’t do so much.”  Oh, if it were only that simple.  Work and family demands are not just easily dismissed.  However, sometimes we may suffer from over commitment.  Yes, we have to feed the kids and go to work, but the day on the golf course away from our family may be too much, as our mate gets no break and becomes not only more stressed but resentful as well.

Today’s tip is only a beginning.  Sit down with your mate – talk with each other about your exhaustion, without blaming him or her.  Together brainstorm ways that the two of you can lean on and be there for each other in a more prioritized fashion.  And finally, wrap all of that in lots of grace.  The problem isn’t solved – but it is a beginning.

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