Have you ever walked in the door dreading the fact that you may need to have what could be an unpleasant conversation with your mate?  It could be some troublesome news about one of the kids, damage you did to the car, or a job-threatening conflict at work.  Whatever it is – you don’t want to have the conversation.  Well, actually, you have already had the conversation . . . in your head.

The conversation may have gone something like this.  “Great I have to tell her about the call I got from the school today regarding our son.  Apparently he was caught smoking behind the cafeteria.  I can hear her now – ‘You know why he does that stuff – it’s because you are so lax and permissive with him.  If you would just take a stronger stand about things this kind of incident wouldn’t happen.  You really are to blame here.’  Ugh!  I so don’t want to have this argument.”  And so you brace for the worst – all ready with your defense – prepared for the attack.

But what if this isn’t what happens.  I mean, just maybe, when you share the information she rallies with you to come up with a game plan together to address the misbehavior.  Just maybe you will have her as your support rather than your adversary.

We can choose to assume the worst or the best of possibilities and whatever we assume will color our actions and reactions.  So, I encourage you to enter into difficult conversations with the best of assumptions.  And if you do, just maybe . . .

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