Want to be in better health?  Most of us would answer “yes” to that question.  Then you might like to know that your marriage just might be the ticket you have been looking for.

In a study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, over 127,000 people were surveyed.  Findings from this study revealed that married people are healthier than other adults.  It was found that married people had less low back pain, fewer headaches, and less psychological stress.  They were also less likely to smoke, drink too much, and were more physically active in general than other people.

It was interesting to note that those who never married came in second on the list, with those tied for most unhealthy being those who are divorced or separated and those who are not married but lived together.

One theory as to these findings is that married couples may have advantages in terms of economic resources, social and psychological support, and encouragement of healthful lifestyles by each other.

Now I recognize that some are in extremely unhealthy relationships that may seem to be the very source of headaches, pains and stress.  These are no fun and can be miserable.  But if you knew that learning to engage your spouse in greater connection would result in you physically feeling better – would it be worth trying?  My encouragement to you this week is to try and find new ways to connect with your spouse, new ways to serve and meet his or her needs, and new ways to provide “social and psychological support.”

Why don’t you at least give it a try?  Who knows, you just might feel better!