In our last Relationships Tip Tuesday I discussed the seemingly epidemic growth of loneliness among individuals – both single and married.  As promised, I want to take today to suggest a four strategies that we can use to fight back against loneliness.

  • Talk to strangers. You may be in line at the grocery store or the bank when you have opportunity to engage in conversation.  A mere 30 seconds of talking with a real person face-to-face provides greater benefit than engaging with individuals online.
  • Do something creative. It may be joining an art class or craft project – something that allows you to engage with people around a common interest.  It might surprise you to discover how encouraging it can be when someone comments or gives feedback to you on your efforts.
  • Plan Face Time. Connecting in person with friends boosts our production of endorphins in our brain which can reduce pain and lead to a greater sense of well-being.  And if you are unable to get together in person, connecting with online FaceTime may be the next best thing to being there.  I know that having two of our kids and grandkids half way across the country, Facetime has been invaluable.
  • Finally, get to know your neighbors. This has become somewhat of a lost art in the 21st  But getting to know those who live in our neighborhood can provide a sense of security and belonging.

While these strategies are certainly not exhaustive, they may at least serve to stimulate your thinking of new ways to overcome the battle of loneliness.  I encourage you to try one of these today.

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