Everyone has struggled in their marriage at some point.  And we have all heard the elevated statistics in the U.S. for divorce for first marriages, with numbers for second marriages being even more dismal.  But what about those who successfully remain married for decades?  What if they have some of the answers?

Earlier this year, several couples living at one of the senior living communities in Colorado Springs were quizzed for their insights regarding marital longevity.  Here are some of their sage responses.

Herb and Belle, married 63 years said that good communication is essential.  “Problems arise in every marriage, but if you talk it out, things will settle down.”

At 61 years, Eugene and JoEllen related, “We were high school sweethearts.  You have to be friends.  You have to have each other’s back.”

Joan, who was married for 40 years advised, “Be fair and be careful what you say.  Don’t go to bed mad, or at least start to get things cleared up.”

Marty and Judy, with the longest marriage of 67 years, said that the trick is “Talking to each other, being best friends.”  They went on to say, “We wanted the best for each other and to be happy, even if we disagreed.”

While these insights might not be new information, they are the consistent truths that I regularly hear from successful couples.  My suggestion, consider these wise statements and see which ones your marriage might benefit from adopting today.

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