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Married on Purpose

A 91 Day Devotional to Ignite Your Most Intimate Relationship
By Dr. Barry D. Ham

Product Description:

For most, marriage begins with an abundance of hope and promise.  But as the years creep by, individuals often grow complacent, taking each other for granted, and eventually may cease making any genuine efforts to inject new energy into the marriage.

When you said “I do,” you most likely envisioned a fun, loved filled, life-long, meaningful companionship.  Yet, you may have discovered that your marriage hasn’t quite measured up to that original ideal.  But what if it could?

Author and therapist Dr. Barry Ham takes you on a 91 day journey on which you can:

  • Discover and put into practice new and effective relational skills
  • Re-energize your marriage relationship.
  • Dream with your spouse of possibilities, all over again.

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Living On Purpose

Knowing God’s Design for Your Life
By Dr. Barry D. Ham

Product Description:

For many, searching for their life’s purpose is a frustrating and fruitless pursuit. But don’t despair! You were created to live a significant life!

With wisdom and care, author, counselor, and therapist, Dr. Barry Ham leads you to the key that unlocks a life of meaning: knowing and fulfilling the will of God.

If you have ever doubted your life’s worth, floundered in search of direction, or been burdened by a feeling of insignificance, the insights within these pages will lead you to the confidence that comes with finding your purpose in God’s faithful hands.


Validation: it is both normal and healthy to ponder the meaning of life.

Encouragement: the purpose of your life is clear and knowable.

Fulfillment: the blessings of following God’s will are within your reach.

Transformation: discovering your purpose positively impacts every sphere of life.


“You see our existence here on this earth, yours and mine, is not an accident. Our Creator had very specific things in mind when He placed us here. And at one time or another, most of us ask ourselves, “Ok, why am I here? What is my existence all about?” Those are some of the very reasons that Barry wrote this book – so that you don’t have to wonder and wander, so you don’t have to guess, but so that you can clearly know God’s purposes for your life.”

Governor Mike Huckabee

“For too many individuals, knowing God’s will seems a far-off, mysterious, difficult to understand process.  In the pages of Living on Purpose, author Barry Ham brings clarity to the believer who seeks to better grasp God’s purpose for their life.”

“Living on Purpose is an excellent, thought-provoking, God-loving and think-activating book to help in your quest to find and follow God’s direction for your life.”

Josh D. McDowell

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Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage
By Dr. Barry D. Ham

Product Description:

Do you feel stuck in your marriage or distanced from your spouse? Maybe you’ve reached the point where you feel like roommates – two people just co-existing together. Every marriage goes through these “dry spells.”

God knows how to heal your relationship and wants to breathe life back into you marriage! Marriage therapist Dr. Barry Ham gives you the tools needed to navigate through the hard times in your relationship – sharing inspirational stories of couples who worked through the “marriage rut.”

Learn how to:

  • Change the atmosphere of your relationship – and see your spouse through God’s eyes.
  • Sustain a passionate and vibrant marriage for year to come – and learn to build a solid foundation.
  • Reconnect with your spouse on a deeply intimate level – and heal from past hurts together.
  • Build a successful and unshakeable marriage – and learn how to keep God at the center.


“Unstuck is real. With stories and examples that most couples will relate to, this book encourages couples on how to put God at the center and choose to love one another again. For many unhappy couples, the gloom of marriage came out of nowhere, and Barry helps them find the love they always wanted.”

Dr. Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors

“Barry Ham has great passion for helping couples who have found marriage difficult.  For those who are stuck, this book offers practical help on how to get UNSTUCK.

I highly recommend it.”

Gary Chapman, Ph.D. author of The Five Love Languages

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Unstuck – Study Guide

Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage
By Dr. Barry D. Ham

Product Description:

This Study Guide is a companion to the book Unstuck: Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage.  If you long to get your marriage unstuck and lift it to a place of vibrancy, this is the ideal book to help you accomplish that.  The Study Guide is perfect for couples, small groups, or can even be used by individuals. 


“In this book Barry identifies many of the pitfalls that have contributed to marriages becoming stale and lifeless.  But more importantly, he offers clear guidelines and strategies to enable couples to reverse this trend, get unstuck, and experience the marriage that both they and God had in mind.”

HB London: Pastor, Pastor to Pastor Emeritus – Focus on the Family, Author: Pastors at Greater Risk

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The Book and Study Guide Combination Package

Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage
By Dr. Barry D. Ham

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Order this Two Book Combination Package and receive these recent releases: a signed copy of Unstuck: Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage and Unstuck – The Study Guide.

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GOD Understands Divorce:

A Biblical Message of Grace
By Dr. Barry D. Ham

Product Description

God Understands Divorce is a comprehensive compilation of real-life marriage situations that explain how quickly relationships can deteriorate and how to bring life back to terminally ill marriages.

Pulled from the author’s counseling sessions in which he has helped numerous couples restore their relations, the circumstances and problems presented hit home dramatically. Knowing the fundamentals of living within a happy home—love, respect, finances, sex, chores, careers, children—isn’t always enough.

Knowing how to bring those fundamentals to life through God’s grace and mercy gives every husband and wife a healthy base on which to build for years of marital bliss and to weather the storms of challenges that inevitably arise.


“As Christian couples experience divorce at an alarming rate, individuals cry out, wondering if there are any real answers or solutions. Does anybody really care?

In these pages, Barry reveals that God has been where you are, He knows your pain, He desires wholeness for you, and He offers clear guidance to enable you to get there. He really cares!” —Gary Chapman

“Dr. Barry Ham writes with a marvelous mixture of compassion and conviction. His life’s calling is to help others not just find answers to challenges, but to also discover the root cause of their problems.” —Paul Batura

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