Marital Therapy

is more than simply working with two individuals. It involves working with the couple’s relationship itself and the dynamics that exist between the individuals.

Family Therapy

recognizes that rarely is just one family member the source of all difficulties. The various relationships within the family system are often contributing factors as well. Family therapy endeavors to strengthen the family by improving these relationships.

Marriage Intensives

are available for couples when just an hour or two will not suffice. These are typically two consecutive full days that allow us to work through complex issues. These are often conducted on weekends.

Pre-marital Counseling

is conducted with couples planning marriage. This involves helping couples to thoroughly examine the various significant issues in their relationship in order to make certain that they are prepared for this life-long step of marriage.

Wedding Service

Dr. Ham is available to perform weddings.

Adolescent Counseling

helps those students in high school and middle school to navigate the challenges and difficulties that the teen years typically present.


Attention Deficit Disorder presents unique challenges for both adults and adolescents. Counseling tailored to these particular needs helps these individuals to learn new patterns of behavior which will aid in success both at work and at school.

ADHD Adult Support Group

is designed to bring together adults who share some of the common struggles of ADD/ADHD. This psycho-educational group is for the purpose of support as well as learning new techniques and strategies for dealing with ADHD.

Mens Divorce Support Groups

are for the purpose of helping individuals overcome one of the most difficult periods of their adult lives. Separate groups for males and females are available and are for the purpose of offering support as well as hope as you regroup for the future.