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Unstuck: Rejuvenating Marriages that Have Grown Complacent

By Dr. Barry D. Ham

Course Description and Overview

Do you feel stuck in your marriage or distanced from your spouse?  Maybe you’ve reached the point where you feel like roommates – two people just co-existing together.  Every marriage goes through these “dry spells.”  But what if you could learn the skills needed to create the marriage you always wanted?

In this course, Dr. Barry Ham will give you the tools needed to: change the atmosphere of your relationship, sustain a passionate and vibrant marriage for years to come, reconnect with your spouse on a deeply intimate level, and build a successful and unshakeable marriage.

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  • At the end of this course you will be able to recognize the two core longings that either create or inhibit every intimate relationship;
  • Identify both past hurts as well as future expectations in your marital relationship;
  • Relearn the necessary steps that lead to a graceful marital dance
  • Differentiate the seasons of transition in marriage and discover ways to navigate them effectively;
  • Articulate and apply the eight strategies necessary for getting “unstuck” and enabling your relationships to move forward into places of health.

Course Introduction Video

Section: 1 0 / 1

Course Introduction

1. Unstuck – Course Introduction

Section: 2 0 / 5

Section One – Core Longings

2. Section 1 – Introduction

3. Lecture 1 – What We all Want

4. Lecture 2 – Waking up to a bad dream

5. Lecture 3 – Staying out of Trouble

Assignment 1: Practice Activities

Section: 3 0 / 6

Section Two – Decisions, Hurts, Expectations

6. Section 2 – Introduction

7. Lecture 1 – Decision Time

8. Lecture 2 – A Different Approach

9. Lecture 3 – The Critical Puzzle Piece

10. Lecture 4 – A New Approach

Assignment 2: Practice Activities

Section: 4 0 / 4

Section Three – Relearning the Dance

11. Section 3 – Introduction

12. Lecture 1 – Relearning the Dance Steps – Part 1

13. Lecture 2 – Relearning the Dance Steps – Part 2

Assignment 3: Practice Activities

Section: 5 0 / 4

Section Four – Navigating Changing Seasons

14. Section 4 – Introduction

15. Lecture 1 – Preparing for the Storm

16. Lecture 2 – The Seasons of Marriage

Assignment 4: Practice Activities

Section: 6 0 / 6

Section Five – Strategies for Change

17. Section 5 – Introduction

18. Lecture 1 – Strategies that will change the Landscape of your Relationship-1

19. Lecture 2 – Strategies that will change the Landscape of your Relationships-2

Assignment 5: Practice Activities

20. Lecture 3 – Bonus Tips

Assignment 6: Practice Activities

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Sale Price: $18.99

Retail Price $79.99

Sale Price $18.99

Unstuck: Rejuvenating Marriages that Have Grown Complacent

By Dr. Barry D. Ham

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Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage
By Dr. Barry D. Ham

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