Special Education Advocacy

Assisting parents with understanding, implementing, and ensuring that their child’s Individualized Education Plan is written as outlined in Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Educational Supports for Students and Families

Working alongside parents in collaboration with their child’s school and multi-disciplinary education team.

Navigating the Educational System;

Special Education, 504 Plans, Alternative Program Options

Helping parents to identify their child’s current struggles and needs, so that they are better equipped to ask the right questions of school administration and teachers.

Truancy and Attendance Issues

Assisting parents and students in understanding compulsory attendance laws and options and strategies for support to increase student attendance and success.

Transition and Post-Secondary Support

Helping students and parents to make necessary connections for support beyond high school- such as: workplace and post-secondary educational settings.

What parents and students have said:


Thank you. I never believed in myself and am so thankful for you. You believed in me all along and saw my potential!


Thank you Andee, for making such as a difference in Quinn’s life. There are a ton of reasons that leaving will be so hard and you are one of them! Thank you for your support and friendship!


Miss you-Come visit soon!


Thank you Andee! You taught me a lot and I am just applying it now.


Andee, been trying to find you for a long time. If it wasn’t for you, Kari would not be where she is today!