You are probably familiar with the age old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  In other words, if you eat your fruit and vegetables, you are more likely to stay healthy and, as a result, will require fewer doctor’s visits.  We could add to the list of preventive behaviors – exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and washing our hands after being around sick people.  Now while these actions are in no way guarantees that we will not become ill, they certainly stack the deck in our favor.

Similarly, it is easier when we approach life from a preventative perspective rather than a crisis to crisis mode of operation.  For example, when do you turn to God’s Word for guidance?  Many relate to the Bible as though it were a pharmacy.  What I mean by that is that the only time they open the Bible is when a problem has arisen and they need a “prescription” or an answer to solve the current problem.

But what if we made the study of God’s Word a part of our regular routines?  What if we drew close to Him on daily basis?  Chances are that we would be in a better place to navigate the daily grind or the storms we encounter.  Reading the scriptures is a proactive approach to life, while only grabbing the Bible during stressful situations is reactive.

So consider, if you want to experience fewer crises and have greater peace, try spending time in the scriptures this week.

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