Following the death of his mother, a rabbi once wrote:

Some people say the secret to happiness can be broken down into three elements:
something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to. I had something to do
– I was a rabbi, and my congregants were counting on me to function for them as I had
before. In part, they were observing how I made my way through my wandering, because
they, too, had been wounded by life’s losses and they needed to see how I navigated mine.

We all have encountered stuff – financial hardships, job loss, broken relationships, death of a family member, broken relationships, and the list goes on. None of us are able to escape challenges in life. And some of them can be devastating – perhaps even crippling.

However, we keep going. But how? Do we become cynical, becoming pessimistic and complaining at every turn? Do we become apathetic – giving up and just going through the motions? Or do we rise to the occasion and overcome our circumstances?

We serve an all-powerful Creator who gives us the strength to not just survive but to soar – if we will cast our cares on Him. And in doing so, we have the opportunity to inspire and encourage others who are struggling with life. So maybe ask yourself today – “How can God use my circumstances to strengthen those around me?” Allow Him to use you to help others see how to navigate the challenges of life. It might just strengthen you as you do so!