If Mondays matter, and I believe that they do, if only seems to make sense that we will be able to make a bigger difference in the lives around us if our brain is functioning at its best.  While the following items probably won’t be huge surprises, I want to report five items that can truly help our brain’s efficiency.

  • Exercise – research regarding those over the age of 65 has found that those who exercised four times a week cut their risk of dementia in half. But don’t think you have to be 65 to benefit.  Exercise for all ages has been shown to improve memory and concentration.
  • Healthy Eating – those who follow more of a Mediterranean diet (one that is rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and fish) have demonstrated increased retention of a greater number of brain cells. This also prevents brain inflammation and the buildup of plaque which may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Alcohol – while there are studies reporting possible benefits of limited alcohol consumption, a recent 30 year study clearly demonstrated that alcohol can diminish the production of new brain cells. As little as two to three drinks per day does long-term damage to a person’s brainpower.
  • Sugar – according to Harvard Medical School, just one soda per day for teens has been linked to lower test scores. Eating or drinking too much sugar can also accelerate the aging of cells.
  • Social interaction – a clear factor for keeping our brains young as we age is interacting with others. This can be visiting with friends, staying active in social groups, and even volunteering.

So, give you brain a break today, and take steps to help it functions its best

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