Chelsie Hill had always dreamed of dancing. It was the one thing she most loved to do. It was her ambition. However, in 2010 the high school senior was in a serious auto accident, which left her paralyzed from the waist down. For most of us, this tragedy would be the end of our dream.

However, for Chelsie it was only an obstacle to be overcome. For one, she still longed to dance. But she also had a desire to prove to the community that she was “normal.” In other words, she refused to let her disability become her identity. So, with lots of patience and practice, she learned how to dance in her wheelchair, dancing right alongside of her nondisabled high school dance team. As Chelsie stated, “Half of my body was taken away from me.” So, she had to learn new and different ways to continue to pursue her dreams.

Many of us may tend to think that half of our body becoming unusable makes us completely useless. While we may not be paralyzed like Chelsie, we may have other perceived limitations – if we choose to view them in that manner.

So, the question for you today is – what is limiting you from pursuing your God given purpose? Do you view that limitation as a paralyzing disability or a problem to be solved? How you answer that question can make all the difference in the future that lies ahead for you!

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