Do you recall times when your plans were certain (or at least you thought they were)?  You were going on a hike on the weekend, or to a movie Friday night, or to some particular university to get a degree in your planned field of study.  There were things to see and mountains to climb – in other words, things to accomplish.

Unfortunately, as we get older, those plans and perspectives can become a bit murky.  When I was in high school, I remember being with my friends as we would climb a hill in the summer moonlight and lie on the grass staring at the stars, contemplating the issues of life.  We dreamed and made plans about the significant things we were going conquer.

But with age, many find themselves adrift because there is little to which they are anchored.   Instead of slaying dragons (whatever that may represent), we have built a patio and contributed to our 401 (k).  Our accomplishments are not so clear cut and may be a far cry from our original dreams.

But here is the cool thing – if you are still breathing (which I assume you are since you are reading this), it is not too late to gain perspective.  God has created you with and for a purpose.  Regardless of your age – from this very point on, you can begin to live your life with direction and significance.  You really can begin to dream and contemplate again as you commit to living on purpose.

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