It may have been while you were running in a track meet in high school.  You came out of the blocks, battled to get into the inside line, and then it happened – you hit your stride.  We typically use this term to indicate that were are doing our best, firing on all cylinders, or are performing at our peak.  While most of us have experienced this feeling of success, there are many times when we just can’t to seem to find our groove.

Perhaps the question for you to consider is – how do you motivate yourself?  Some people are able to get motivated with the thought of a promotion or a pay raise while for others this is a non-starter.  For some, positive self-talk works but for many this is of no help at all.  However, research suggests that the most successful strategy – while not all that exciting but pragmatic, is habit.

You get up at a certain time, you get on the treadmill, you shower and shave, not out of passion but out of habit.  Yet by doing the routine, you set yourself up for the possibility of those magical moments that happen during ordinary tasks, which allows momentum to take over.

Habit can be the difference between the person who completes their PhD dissertation and the person who does all of the course work but remains ABD – all but dissertation.  Habit can separate those who dream of building the house from those who actually do.

As you strive to be all that God has called you to be – to fully hit your stride, consider the role that your habits and routines play in your journey.

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