I was startled and saddened to read that the most recent numbers for suicide rates in El Paso County, for the 10-18 age bracket, have doubled.  For those of you reading this who are not from Colorado, El Paso County is the name of the county that encompasses Colorado Springs.

The $173,000 study went on to report that more “Coloradans die by suicide than by homicide, motor vehicle crash, diabetes and breast cancer.”  For ages 10-34, it is the second leading cause of death.

As the study examined contributing factors to the suicide rate, such as cyber bullying or pressure to perform, the one that jumped off the page at me was “desensitization to the value of life.”  I began with the question, “How Valuable is It?”  Meaning, just how valuable is life?  Many of you reading this would probably respond that life is extremely precious and should be preserved at all costs.  However, there are others who see little or no value in continuing.  But perhaps the bigger questions is, “What gives value to our lives?”

I would contend that the more we are able to get our head around the question of “Why am I here and what is the purpose of my life?” the more value we will find in it.  As you contemplate this question today, I encourage your examine what your Creator may have had in mind when He made you.  I am confident, if you do, you will find that He made you both for and with a purpose.

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