Now that may seem like a silly question because the majority of people reading this would probably say -”Of course!”  Life and survival to live another day is a basic instinct hard-wired into our DNA.  God placed that drive in us so that we would live the life He has designed for us.

If we were to list the things that would contribute to our longevity, there probably wouldn’t be a lot of surprises.  The list would contain things like: eat fewer fried foods and sweets and more fruits and vegetables, get appropriate amounts of exercise, stop unhealthy behaviors such as smoking or excessive drinking, and be sure to get plenty of sleep.  But one item that might not be the first thing to come to mind, but definitely belongs on the list is – vacations.

A 40 year study, that followed 1,222 men, discovered that those who took fewer than three weeks off from work each year were 37% more likely to die between the ages of 40 and 85 than those who vacationed regularly.  This is a significant finding and the seeming reason attributed to this has a connection to stress.  Those who were willing to take the needed break from work were more easily able to de-stress.

If you remember the 1991 movie “What About Bob,” you may recall Bob’s statement that he needed to take a vacation from his problems.  While life may not be that simplistic, there is certainly merit to his thinking.  We read consistently, ranging from scripture to medical literature, the importance of rest and appropriate relaxation.  So, today’s take-a-way is pretty simple: if you want to live longer and more stress free, consider a vacation for your health.

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