“Now what kind of a question is that,” you might think.  “I buy groceries and gas; car insurance and clothes; purses and TVs.  I spend money on vacations, Starbucks, cars, shoes, and a plethora of things.”  Yes, we all spend money on these kinds of items.  So, maybe I should refine the question some – What Do You Buy that lasts?

I recently read about a number of rich individuals – people such as a butcher, Leonard in Milwaukee, who worked at what might seem an ordinary job and saved his money.  When he died at the age of 90, he left $13 million to St. Thomas Moore High School.  Or Margaret, the special needs teacher in South Carolina, who managed her money wisely, leaving $8.4 million to the Greenville Humane Society.

These individuals, and others, saw needs and causes bigger than themselves and wanted to make a long-term difference in the world that buying the newest electronic gadget wouldn’t satisfy.  And while they sacrificed to benefit others, it is interesting to see how this kind of thinking benefits the giver.  Studies have demonstrated that those who volunteer their time or donate money, tend to have lower blood pressure, less stress, and live longer.

So, ask yourself the question today – “What am I doing with my time and money that just may benefit my life, while also changing the world around me and making it a better place?”

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