Remember when you used to look forward to getting home to your spouse, when you couldn’t wait to have the weekend together?  Remember when the relationship was fun?  For some, fun was two kids and twenty years ago.  But for most, fun was a central part of your relationship early on.  In a university study a few years ago, over 300 couples were studied to find the essential ingredients to long-term, happy, healthy marriages. One of those key elements was fun – including humor and playfulness.  Many marriages today suffer from dry rot and have become what one wife summed up as: “Dull, dull, dull.”  While we may readily acknowledge that our relationships have defaulted to this hum drum place, we wonder just how we go about changing it.  Let me suggest some possible steps.

First, we need to Be Playful.  Remember how you used to call each other pet names?  Playful intimacy like that is important and can transcend the years of marriage.  Secondly, Surprise Each Other.  This can range from doing an unexpected deed for her to buying a candy bar for him.  It doesn’t have to be expensive and it lets the other person know that you were thinking about them while you were apart.  Thirdly, Relax.  By this I mean, let your guard down.  Marriage doesn’t have to always be so serious.  You don’t need to feel guilty leaving your children to carve out a special evening with your mate.  You may be parents, respected in your profession, and valued in your Church – but it is still ok to be silly and have a good time with your husband or wife.

So, there you are – you now officially have permission to be goofy with your spouse – and enjoy it.  How can you bring back some fun into your relationships today?